Announcing restic-PyBM v0.1

A Python wrapper for restic

I’ve been using the restic tool ( to manage by backups at home for quite a while now, and have been pretty happy with it.

The feature are basic but efficient, the CLI interface is simple, and quite frankly it does not call for a Web UI.

However, for automation purposes, having some form of wrapper around it that could read a structured configuration file and return Nagios-compliant output for health checks was definitely something I needed.

Since I could not find anything that covered my needs and Python is go-to language for this kind of stuff, here comes the very subtly named restic-PyBM, BM standing of course for Backup Manager.

Get it, use it (if you’re brave), spread the word

The wrapper can be found here:

Version 0.2 is likely to be out before the end of February. Feedback is welcome!

Currently it can create repository, trigger snapshots and do more or less extensive health checks. The wrapper is configured through a very simple YAML file.

In the near future I foresee several additions already identified as issues in the GitHub project, including an integration with HashiCorp Vault. Being a security guy, I, after all, hate plaintext credentials.

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